Mitsuhiro T. Nakao, Yoshitaka Watanabe:
An Efficient Approach to the Numerical Verification for Solutions of Elliptic Differential Equations,
Numerical Algorithms, Vol.37, Issue1-4 (2004) pp.311-323.
Special Issue: SCAN'2002 International Conference (Guest Editors: Rene Alt and Jean-Luc Lamotte)

The authors and their colleagues have developed numerical verification methods for solutions of second-order elliptic boundary value problems based on the infinite-dimensional fixed-point theorem using the Newton-like operator with appropriate approximation and constructive a priori error estimates for Poisson's equations. Many verification results show that the authors' methods are sufficiently useful when the equation has no first-order derivative. However, in the case that the equation includes the term of a first-order derivative, there is a possibility that the verification algorithm does not work even though we adopt a sufficiently accurate approximation subspace. The purpose of this paper is to propose an alternative method to overcome this difficulty. Numerical examples which confirm the effectiveness of the new method are presented.
December 2004

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