DirectorProf. Koji OKAMURA
Vice DirectorProf. Kazuki YOSHIZOE
 Section of Applied Data Science
Kenji ONO Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Visualization, High-performance parallel computing
Eisuke ITOH Associate Professor Information Science, Distributed System, Information search, Web service, Digital Authenticaion and Authorization
Toshihiro UCHIBAYASHI Associate Professor Cloud Computing
 Section of Educational Information
Chengjiu YIN Professor Intelligent informatics,Learning support systems,Educational technology
Yuta TANIGUCHI Associate Professor Learning Analytics, Data Mining, Text Mining
Wei SHI Assistant Professor Information Science and Technology
Huiyong LI Assistant Professor Learning Analytics, Data Mining, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Assisted Language Learning
 Section of Advanced Network and Security
Koji OKAMURA Professor Internet, Future Internet, Cyber Security, Malware analysis
Yoshiaki KASAHARA Assistant Professor Internet, Network Management and Operation, Intrusion Detection, Network Security
 Section of Advanced Computational Science
Kazuki YOSHIZOE Professor Search Algorithms, Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Game AI, Computer Go
Yoshitaka WATANABE Associate Professor PDF, Numerical verification, FEM
Takeshi NANRI Associate Professor Parallel Computing, Runtime Optimization, Communication Optimization
Satoshi OHSHIMA Associate Professor High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing, GPU Computing, Software Auto-Tuning
Yuji HIGUCHI Associate Professor Polymer physics, Molecular simulation
 Section of Cyber Security for Information Systems
Hiroshi KOIDE Professor Cyber Security, Information Security, Parallel and Distributed Processing
 academic researcher
Taizo KOBAYASHI nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics, HPC, CFD (vortex sound), System for Uncertainty
Takeshi TERAO Numerical linear algebra,Mixed-precision computation,Verified numerical computation,Error analysis
Kimiya TAKAHASHI nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics, HPC, CFD (vortex sound),quantum chaos,delay equation